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SHARDONE is a platform that simplifies operations, enhances data access, and maximizes flexibility for efficient data integration. We offer a simplified solution available on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace, enabling smooth access to real-time data from multiple databases without the complexities of traditional ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes. Our tool integrates with AWS's storage, computing, and security infrastructure, ensuring rapid deployment, scalability, and optimal cost management. Discover the power of our innovative No-ETL tool, meticulously designed to unleash the full potential of AWS services.


Effortlessly streamline your big-data projects with our user-friendly No-ETL solution, tailored exclusively for AWS services. Simplify data analysis and propel business growth by leveraging the comprehensive suite of AWS services at your fingertips. Our AMI (Amazon Machine Image), conveniently located in the AWS Marketplace, guarantees the secure storage of query results directly in your AWS account's S3 (Simple Storage Service) bucket. As a trusted metadata store, we leverage the power of MongoDB within an EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud) instance, ensuring robust data management and impeccable organization. Seamlessly harness the unparalleled capabilities of AWS services such as S3 and EC2, revolutionizing your data analytics workflow and boosting productivity.
Partner with SHARDONE and unlock the full potential of a unified platform for all your data integration needs. Collaborating with SHARDONE opens up limitless possibilities, enabling you to capitalize on our cutting-edge solution and explore new horizons for your business. Together, we empower organizations to make faster, data-driven decisions, transcending the limitations of traditional ETL processes. Join us in transforming the landscape of data integration.

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